January 2019 Newsletter 

Fellow alumni:

Greetings and Happy New Year!

On behalf of the Executive Board, I thank you for your all support and dedication to the progress of our association. May the good Lord continue to bless you abundantly. I would also like to thank the members of the board of directors for their leadership and support. We give special recognition and appreciation to the members of the advisory committee for their valuable advice and guidance. Words cannot express our sincere gratitude for the kindness and sacrifice these great alumni have given us over the years.

I would like to briefly present the conclusion of the business at the 2018 National Reunion last September. The following are the main issues discussed, addressed, and concluded:

a. Election
The members unanimously re-elected the following officers to another two-year term (2018-2020):

Dr. Shina Oshinuga – National President
Mr. Femi Akinola – National Treasurer

b. Annual Alumni Dues
To alleviate the financial burden incurred by national reunion host cities, thereby adjusting for inflation, the members voted to change the annual alumni dues for both non-reunion years and reunion years to $150 per alumni. The changes include:

New (current) annual alumni dues ($150) breakdown:
Total amount due to the Association: $100/year, i.e., a total of $200 over two years
Total due to national reunion host city: $50/year, i.e., a total of $100 over two years.

Previous (old) alumni dues ($100/$150) breakdown:
• Non-reunion year ($100) 

Total amount due to the Association: $100
• National reunion year ($150)

Total amount due to the Association: $100
Overall due to national reunion host city: $50
• National reunion year ($150)
Total amount due to the Association: $100
Overall due to national reunion host city: $50

c. Constitution/Bylaw Reform
Members voted for a review and reform /amendment of the constitution and bylaws.

d. CHSA educational and infrastructural
Members voted for more involvement and support for education and infrastructural support at CHSA. The executive board is expected to identify and address the factors contributing to low student achievement.

e. The 5-year vision
The members approved the executive’s board’s 5-year vision (2023):

• $250,000 endowment fund
• 1,000 alumni membership
• Partnership with a minimum of 20 Fortune 500 companies and organizations

f. 2020 National Reunion
In a majority vote, members voted for Minneapolis, MN to host the 2020 national reunion. The results are:
• First Place – Minneapolis, MN
• Second Place – Las Vegas, NV
• Third Place – Salt Lake City, UT

Second term 2018-2020 goals
On behalf of the executive board, I present the goals for our second term, 2018-2020. Our four guiding principles are (1) unity; (2) integrity; (3) humility; and (4) efficacy. The goals for the 2018/20 term include:

1. Endowment Fund Drive
The goal of the endowment fund drive is to (1) raise the current endowment fund to (a) $100,000 by September 2019, and (b) $250,000 by 2023 (i.e. 5-year vision). As it was explained at the last reunion business meeting, achieving this goal is crucial to our efforts of providing much-needed assistance to our alma mater. For example, we believe that achieving our goal of $100,000 by September 2019 will enable us to use the services of professional and reputable investment firms to invest the fund in the money market. We hope that the dividends from such investments will provide a source of revenue that can be used to fund and support our efforts at CHSA. I assure you that all cautionary measures will be taken before such a major step.

For example, before taking any action, the plan will first be presented to the board of directors and the advisory committee, and later submitted to the members of the association for approval at the next national reunion business meeting. In addition to our determination to grow the endowment fund, an endowment fund committee has been established to help provide advice and guidance.

Endowment Fund Committee
The main functions endowment fund committee includes providing advice, guidance, and strategies for soliciting help and partnership with the business world and institutions of higher learning such as our alma mater’s sponsors, USAID, the Ford Foundation, and Harvard University. The members of the committee are experts in their respective professional fields and the corporate world, and the committee will serve for a year.

Endowment fund donation
We want to take this opportunity to thank fellow alumni who have made pledges toward our goal of $100,000 by September 2019. I am also appealing to those who were not at the last reunion to make their commitments and help us to achieve our financial goals. Please be reminded that all donations to the association are tax-deductible.

Again, visit our website (www.aachsa.org), click on the “Payment Center” tab, and make your payment via PayPal “Donations/AACHSA Endowment Fund.” For more information or questions, please contact our financial officers at:

2. Grassroots Membership Drive
One of the primary goals is to increase active membership for our association, and the executive board is committed to providing more support to our regional chapters. Our 5-year vision calls for a 1,000-strong alumni membership by 2023; therefore, it is imperative that we have a vibrant regional operation. I urge you to help the executive board by reaching out to your classmates and fellow local alumni to register on the website and contact our regional officers. Our regional officers will work collaboratively with local alumni, and plan their respective 2019 regional conventions (i.e., non-national reunion year), thus, creating an opportunity to register new members. For more information about the local chapters and regional officers, please visit our website (www.aachsa.org), click on the “About Us” tab, scroll down and click on “USA Chapters.”

3. Constitution/Bylaws Reform
The main purpose of the constitution/bylaws reform is to make necessary corrections and amendments that will produce a legal document that will ensure the progress of the association and its members, and also reflects the vision and goals of the association. Furthermore, the new document is expected to provide a clear structure of our association, clearly stating the purpose of the association, and defining the duties and responsibilities of the officers and members. Therefore, the participation of all members is crucial to the success of this endeavor.

The participation of all alumni in constitution reform efforts encourages a democratic process and also allows for a better pool of diverse ideas and suggestions. The constitution/bylaws reform committee will collaborate with the regional chapters to promote grassroots participation of respective regional alumni. A final report is expected to be presented by the committee by September 30, 2019.

4. CHSA Educational and Infrastructural Support
There was a consensus for the association to embark on increased support for our Alma mater at the last reunion business meeting. The primary focus of this goal is to improve student academic achievement at CHSA. A report provided by a member of the board of directors on a recent fact-finding mission highlighted some of the root causes of the poor academic performance of the students. The factors include but not limited to: (1) high teacher attrition, i.e., low teacher retention; (2) high student-teacher class ratio; (3) inadequate learning resources; (4) low parent participation i.e. very low student participation in remedial class and tutorials; (5) very low on-campus students i.e. very low number of boarding students; and (6) conflicting curricula i.e. lack of effective curricula (state vs national).

Education Reform Initiative Committee
We have established a committee to help strategize and coordinate our efforts in improving student academic achievement. The Education Reform Initiative Committee will collaborate with CHSA administrators, the PTA and other stakeholders to provide necessary academic support that will yield better results. Such support will include intervention/tutorial programs, the hiring of qualified teachers, technology, and materials/resources.

Infrastructural Support
Infrastructural support for our alma mater will be given high consideration, however, no actions will be taken without a careful evaluation of some factors. Factors to be considered include (1) costs/funding; (2) feasibility and sustainability; (3) maintenance; (4) accountability; (5) duration; and (6) outcome/impact on student academic achievement.

First, on behalf of the executive board, I thank you for your financial support of the association. I urge you to continue to meet your annual financial obligations such as the yearly alumni dues and pledges. For your information, members at the last reunion business meeting voted to change the alumni dues to $150 annually. The amount was changed from $100/year to $150/year to alleviate the burden of hosting national reunions especially considering the rising costs of such endeavor. We encourage to pay your dues as soon as possible via:

a. PayPal
Visit our website (www.aachsa.org), click on the “Payment Center” tab and follow the directions.

b. Direct deposit (Bank of America)
Members can make a direct deposit into the association’s account with the Bank of America. For Direct deposit (Bank of America). Members can make a direct deposit into the association’s account with the Bank of America. For cybersecurity, we ask you to contact our financial officers for the account information:  treasurer@aachsa.org;  financialsecretary@aachsa.org

c. Mail
Members can also mail their checks to our official mailbox:
P.O. Box 654
Lanham, MD 20703.

National Executive Board
I want to thank my colleagues on the executive board who continue to work tirelessly for the progress and success of our association. The list of all the executive board members is on our website, i.e. (www.aachsa.org) by clicking on the “About Us” tab and click on the “Executives” link. It is a great honor working with these talented and dedicated alumni. The members of the executive board will continue to serve the association and its members with integrity, diligence, and courage. Finally, I urge you to continue to support these officers in their quest for the progress and success of our great association and alma mater.

Again, I thank you for the honor, opportunity, and privilege to serve you for another two-year term as the national president. I thank you for all your support and dedication to the progress of our association and the rebirth of our alma mater. May all your efforts be crowned with success.

Let’s continue to aim for higher heights by keeping our eyes on the prize!
Again, thank you for your support and dedication, and God bless you.

Up School!!!
Best regards,

Shina Oshinuga

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