February 2019 Newsletter

Fellow Alumni:

I thank you for your continued support and dedication to the progress of our association. I give special thanks for the members of the advisory board and the board of directors for their guidance and support. As we continue our task of bringing back our alma mater’s past glory, I would like to update you on some new developments.

1. Finance

Endowment Fund Drive
Our goal is a minimum of $100,000 by September 30, 2019, and as I stated in my last
message that once we meet our goal of $100,000 or more, the fund will be invested in the
money market. We hope that the interest generated from such investment will be used to fund
some of the projects that we have embarked on at our alma mater. I want to thank those
alumni who have pledged and paid. May the good Lord bless you abundantly, and may your
endeavors be crowned with success. Again, for those who were not able to attend the last
reunion, we are counting on you to make your pledges.

Alumni Dues
The annual membership is $150, and urge you to pay your dues via:

(a) PayPal

Visit our website: (aachsa.org) Click on the “Payment Center” tab, click on the “PayPal” and follow the instructions.

(b) Mail:

P.O Box 654
Lanham, MD 20703

2.CHSA Education Reform Initiative

As I indicated in my last message, one of the goals of this administration is to increase our support for our alma mater. During the 2018 national reunion, there was a consensus on the issues of educational reform and infrastructural support for CHSA. A report of a fact-finding mission to CHSA that was conducted after the reunion by a well-respected member of the board of directors (class set of 1971), identified some of the major contributing factors to the low academic achievement of the students. According to the report, the four significant factors include:

(1) growing apathy among students and parents especially non-boarding students,
(i.e., Day students)

(2) poor teacher quality and high teacher attrition rate

(3) ineffective and conflicting curricula (state vs. national)

(4) high teacher to student ratio, i.e. overcrowded classrooms


There is growing apathy among students and parents, the non-boarding (Day) students. According to school records and the results of a survey conducted by our goodwill ambassador during three separate meetings with three focus groups:(1)) students; (2) parents; and (3) school staff, the boarding school students always outperform the non-boarding school students by a wide margin. Furthermore, among the students who participated in the meeting, just a few
had average passing grades, and they were all boarding school students. None of the Day students at the meeting indicated a passing grade!

At a subsequent meeting, the school administrators reported that the high apathy rate, mostly among non-boarding school students, as the most significant factor contributing to a very low academic achievement. The school officials said due to economic burdens, many of the nonboarding students work and run errands for their families, thereby having very little or no time to study. The parents also confirmed this assertion at their focus group meeting with the
goodwill ambassador

Teacher-student ratio, teacher quality, and teacher attrition

According to recent reports, the current average class size at CHSA is about 80 students per class! The renovations of classrooms by our sister national chapters, alumni class sets, and individuals have significantly helped in reducing the class sizes to the current, however, we believe that this is still appalling! We appreciate all the efforts of everyone involved in the classroom renovation efforts, and we pray that the good Lord will continue to reward you kindly for all your efforts. As I indicated earlier, infrastructural support is one of our goals, and we hope to contribute to the current developments at CHSA.

Conflicting curricula

The report presented by the goodwill ambassador indicated frustration by the students regarding the academic curricula that is the school uses. There are two conflicting curricula used for teaching, (1) state standards and (2) national standards. Students complained that although state curriculum is used for the courses as mandated by the state, however, standardized testing and college assessments are mostly based on national curriculum. According to the student, this conflict often contributes to their poor performance on the national stage.

Teacher attrition

In addition to the crisis of overcrowded classes, students and parents expressed significant concerns about the quality of education the students are receiving. For example, both sample groups, students and parents, expressed dissatisfaction with teacher quality and teacher attrition. The administrators complained about the difficulty of retaining high-quality teachers, and they reported poor teacher incentives such as wages and housing as the major contributing
factors to the problem.


In light of all these compelling challenges that negatively impact student academic achievement, the executive formed a committee, the Education Reform Initiative Committee, and its primary task to address the problem. The committee is determined to collaborate with the stakeholders (school administrators, students, and the PTA), further investigate the problems, and make recommendations that can be effectively implemented to alleviate the problem. Earlier in March, the Education Reform Committee presented the executive board with the following recommendations:(1) increase boarding school; (2) hire more highly qualified teachers; (3) encourage school administrators to incorporate state and national standards; (4) active monitoring and evaluation processes; and (5) improved collaboration with parents and school administration.


Based on the report and recommendations presented by the committee, the executive board has decided to implement the following remedies that will addressthe educational problems at CHSA:

1. Establishment of boarding school scholarship
According to the report provided by Education Reform Committee, the annual cost of attending boarding school per student at CHSA is about N150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand Nigerian Naira) which is about $500/year/student (five hundred U.S. dollars) based on the current currency exchange rate. Based on these figures, we have
decided to award two boarding school scholarships as a pilot study in the efforts to alleviating the problem of student apathy and low student academic achievement.

We will be diligent in the implementation of the recommendations, and we will give careful consideration to all details involving the screening of qualified candidates, progress monitoring, and program evaluation. The aspects to be considered will include but not limited to the following: (a) terms of the contract; (b) criteria and selection process; (c) academic expectations, progress monitoring, and program evaluation; (d) sustainability; and (e) duration and timeline of the scholarship. Again, a partnership with the parents and school administrators will be crucial to the success of the scholarship program.

2. Hiring and retaining qualified teachersp
As part of the overall reform plan, the executive board decided to hire two highly qualified teachers: (1) English and (2) Mathematics. Furthermore, to attract and retain highly qualified teachers, the executive board proposed a minimum of 50% monthly increase in salary for the hired teachers. We firmly believe that a fair and decent teacher salary will not only attract highly qualified teachers, but it will also increase the teacher-retention rate. The Education Reform Committee will collaborate with school officials to design the following: (1) vetting process; (2) transparency and equal opportunity; (3) terms of agreement; (4) monitoring strategies; and (5) an effective evaluation plan

3. Curricula
According to school officials, college entrance exams rely more on national curriculum for testing. The Education Reform Committee will collaborate with school officials to design an effective learner-centered curriculum that will ensure student success. Besides, the school administrators will be advised to provide support and allocate more resources for the national curriculum.

4. Partnership
The Education Reform Committee will work very closely with the stakeholders to
ensure the success of our plan. The objective is to have a buy-in from the students, parents, the PTA, and school administrators. Kudos to the school principal for his cooperation and support thus far. The committee reported that the school principal continues to work tirelessly for the progress of the school and the success of our efforts.

5. Partnership with Ogun State Government
Upon the conclusion of the recent gubernatorial elections in Nigeria, I sent a
congratulatory message to the governor-elect, an alumnus, Prince (Dr.) Dapo Abiodun. In the letter, I extended our hand of friendship and partnership to him and his administration, and that we look forward to working with his administration in addressing the deplorable state of the education in the State and specifically our alma mater. I am still awaiting a response from the Governor-elect. I have also reached out to my counterparts in the U.K and Nigeria for a continued partnership and collaboration
between the three national associations. A copy of the congratulatory message to Governor-elect Dapo Abiodun posted on the website under the “News” tab.

School Reform Goals

1. Boarding school scholarship

(a) Individual Sponsorship (single sponsor)
As I stated above, the annual cost of boarding school is about $500/year per student. The ultimate goal is to transform CHSA back to a mostly boarding school as it was back then when we attended the school, a major contributing factor to a successful educational experience. We are asking for sponsors who are willing to pay $500/year/student for the boarding school education of some students. We firmly believe that this is a winning strategy that will ultimately transform our alma mater back into the prominent institution of higher learning.

(b) Co-Sponsorship (joint sponsorship, i.e., two or more individuals)
For those who may not be able to sponsor a student alone, we encourage you to
partner with one or more people and co-sponsor a student(s). Again, your help is urgently needed and we appreciate all your support.

If you are interested in this philanthropic exercise, please contact us immediately at:


2. Highly qualified teachers.
We believe that to have a complete transformation of education at CHSA and enhance student academic achievement, highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff is required. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to hire a minimum of ten highly qualified teachers by September of 2020. We are now asking for sponsors who are willing to pledge and be committed to a minimum donation of $50 per month for two years. The donation will be strictly used for hiring highly qualified teachers. Please note that the monthly contribution must be consistent/steady for us to achieve this goal. For details, please contact:


Alumni Outreach
As part of our efforts to reach out to all alumni in the U.S, Canada, and beyond our Alumni Outreach Department will be unveiling new plans of achieving our 5-year goal of 1,000 active membership by 2023. One of our strategies is to use various social media outlets to appeal to alumni to register, join, and be active in the association. We hereby urge you to join in this effort by reaching out to old friends and classmates. We are also strongly appealing to you to visit our website (aachsa.org), click on the “Contact” tab, and register. All information provided will be used only/solely for association communication purposes e.g. newsletters, CHSA updates, and reunion and regional announcements and updates. Again, visit our website at:


Finally, I would like to give a special thanks to my colleagues on the executive board for all their tireless sacrifices and efforts in ensuring the progress of our association and alma mater. Words alone cannot express my utmost admiration for these true patriots.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope that you will join us in this challenging but worthy endeavor of the rebirth of our beloved Compro.

On behalf of the board of directors, advisory board, and the executive board, I thank you very much for all your support and dedication.

May the good Lord continue to bless you.
May God bless Compro
Up School!!!

Best regards
Shina Oshinuga

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