March 2019 Newsletter

Fellow Alumni:

On behalf of my colleagues on the executive board, I thank you for your continued support and dedication.

I want to remind you of the following:

1. Endowment FundOur goal is a minimum of $100,000 by September 30, 2019. We urge all alumni to pledge towards this goal. A pledge of $500 or more per alumnus will be quite helpful in meeting the goal. However, any amount is appreciated as well.  We thank those who have pledged and fulfilled their financial obligations.

2. Annual Alumni DuesThe annual membership is $150, and we urge you to pay your dues via:

(a) PayPal

Visit our website: ( Click on the “Payment Center” tab, click on the “PayPal” and follow the instructions.

(b) Mail:

P.O Box 654
Lanham, MD 20703

3. CHSA Education Reform Initiative

a. Boarding school scholarship

As I stated in the February newsletter, our primary goal for 2019 is to increase the academic achievement of CHSA students. One is the strategies for achieving the goal is to encourage boarding school. The annual cost of boarding school is about $500/year/per student, and we urge you to participate in this program by sponsoring or co-sponsoring a student(s).

b. Highly qualified teachers

As part of our overall strategy for overhauling education at CHSA, we plan to hire two highly qualified teachers, and we hope to increase the number to a minimum of 10 highly qualified teachers by September 2020.  We are asking for sponsors who are willing to pledge and be committed to a minimum and consistent donation of $50 per month for two years. The funds will be strictly used for paying the salaries of the hired teachers. We firmly believe that one of the contributing factors to high academic achievement is a compelling instructional opportunity that can be provided by highly qualified teachers.

4. Regional Conferences

Regional conferences for this year, a non-national reunion year, will be announced as soon as we receive the dates from the regional centers. Again, the purpose of regional conferences is to encourage grassroots participation of alumni and to become active members of the association. Regional conventions are held in non-national reunion years.

Finally, please contact us at the emails below if you have any questions and/or suggestions regarding the issues stated in the message:

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize for the rebirth of our beloved Compro. Again, thank you for all your support, dedication, and prayers. May the good Lord bless you more.

Up School!

Best regardsShina Oshinuga