May 2020 Newsletter

Fellow alumni:

Greetings! I hope all is well with you and your families especially as we go through this difficult time of the pandemic. On behalf of the executive board, I wish you and your loved ones God’s protection. I would like to reiterate the importance of adhering to all the guidelines by the

government and public health agencies. We thank you for your continued support for our association. Here are some updates and important issues we would like to share with you:


We thank fellow members who continue to meet their financial obligations to the association every year since the inception of our association. May the good Lord reward kindly for your support. We encourage all alumni to remain steadfast in their commitment to the progress of the association. We remind you that your generous donations provide us with the opportunities to embark on some special projects at our Alma mater and maintain a strong financial endowment. Furthermore, your alumni dues and other donations help us to fund other endeavors such as (1) the boarding school scholarship program for the CHSA students; (2) teacher retention; (3) class

size reduction; (4) the aachsa website maintenance; (5) administrative operation; and (6) alumni outreach drive.

We urge members who have not paid their past and/or current annual alumni dues and pledges to do so via PayPal, direct deposit, or Zelle money transfer. Please visit our website for more information and directions.

  1. Annual Alumni Dues

The 2020 alumni or membership fee is $150, and we urge you to pay your dues via:

i. PayPal

Visit our website (, click on the “Payment Center” tab, click on the “PayPal ” tab, and follow the instructions.

ii. Mail


P.O Box 654

Lanham, MD 20703

iii. Zelle money transfer

Account name: Alumni Assn. of Comprehensive H. S. Aiyetoro Inc.

Checking Account#: xxxx4931

* Please notify the national treasurer of any financial transaction at

  1. Endowment Fund

Our goal is $100,000 or more by September 5, 2020, and we urge all alumni to pledge toward this goal. A pledge of $500 or more will be quite helpful in our effort to achieving the goal; however, any amount is very much appreciated. We continue to see progress in donations made,

and we thank those who have pledged and fulfilled their financial obligations. We plan to publish the names of all donors very soon. Our finance department is currently compiling the names and amounts donated towards this endeavor, we promise to post the information in a special


2020 National Reunion

As we continue to prepare for our national reunion on September 11-12 at the Orleans Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. However, in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the executive determined that it is prudent to have an alternative plan, a plan B. We have informed the members of the board of directors of a plan to conduct a national survey in order to decide whether or not to postpone the national reunion for one year if the pandemic situation does not improve by July. Therefore, your participation in the survey is critical in making a final decision regarding the reunion. The data collected will be analyzed, published, and guide the executive board to make a final decision. Again, we would like to remind you that the purpose of this is to prepare an alternative plan (Plan B), and implement IF ONLY the pandemic situation persists after July.

We advise you to carefully read the survey questions before selecting your answers. Please be reminded that the 2020 national reunion is scheduled to bring in a new administration with the elections of a new national president and national treasurer. Therefore, your input is very important to the whole process and the final decision.

Please check your email for the survey invitation or click on this link, complete the survey, submit your response. The deadline to participate in the survey is June 30.

Again, thank you and God bless you.


Up School!

Best Regards,Shina Oshinuga