You can request a copy of the Financial Statement by sending an e-mail to with the subject: Request for the AACHSA Statement of Account.

Note: The Financial Statement would only be provided to alumni’s who have paid their annual dues for the year(s) that they have requested.

Compro Endowment Fund:

Creating A Living Legacy Of Support: Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro (Compro) Endowment Fund.

What is an endowment?
Endowments are permanent assets — money, securities, or property — that are invested to earn income that is used to support an organization’s activities. There are numerous reasons why we need an endowment for Compro. These include:

  • Sustainability – it enhances the ability to plan for the long-term and to meet the future needs of Compro.
  • Autonomy – it increases Compro’s independence from funding trends outside its control.
  • Leverage – it can be used as a basis for acquiring additional funding.

To see the Endowment Fund contributions, please visit this page