Positions – Open Sept 4, 2010

  1. President
  2. Administative Director
  3. Assistant Administrative Director
  4. Vice President of Conferences
  5. Treasurer
  6. Media Director

Note: The Vice President cannot be nominated as the President picks someone for this position.

Make A Nomination
You can nominate someone for a position by sending an email toexecutives@aachsa.org including the nominee’s name, position being nominated for and year of graduation.

Upon receipt of the email, the list of nominations below would be updated accordingly.

List of Nominees

S/N Position Name Nominated By Date
1. Treasurer Dr. Joke Alade – 92 Ade Faleti (FA) 04 Aug 2010
2. Administrative Director Mr. Yomi Lawal – 73 Ade Faleti (FA) 04 Aug 2010
3. Assistant Administrative Director< Mr. Oluwole Fagbohun – 91 Ade Faleti (FA) 04 Aug 2010
4. VP Conference Mr. Bolaji Awolola – 73 Ade Faleti (FA) 04 Aug 2010
5. President Kola Ogunyomade – 73 Ade Faleti (FA) 04 Aug 2010
6. Media Director Mr. Bolaji Sojobi – 72 Ade Faleti (FA) 04 Aug 2010

Nomination Notice
From: “Postmaster@chsa.net on Behalf of joke2k1″<postmaster@chsa.net>
To: afaleti@yahoo.com
Sent: Mon, May 31, 2010 7:54:29 PM
Subject: Elections 2010

Dear Alumni,

As you are aware the 9th Annual AACHSA Reunion will be in Boston, MA over the Labor Day weekend, 2nd – 6th September, 2010.

Of note this is an election year, and none of the current executives are eligible for re-election, it is an opportunity for all interested persons to get involved in the association and shape its future. It is paramount that we have a forward thinking and proactive group that is effectively involved not only in the welfare of current students, the Alma Mata but promoting the well being of all alums, regardless of their geographic location; we have to be our brother’s keeper!

You may nominate yourself or others for any of the positions listed below please include a short bio that includes yours/nominees experience and goals for the association and submit to executives@aachsa.org; the deadline for nomination is July 15, 2010.

The elected executive positions include:

  • * President o Vice-president (appointed by the president, from membership, typically someone they can work effectively and efficiently with)
  • * Treasurer
  • * Administrative Director
  • * Assistant Administrative Director
  • * V.P of Conference
  • * Media Director


  • * Resident in the USA
  • * Have paid 2010 Alumni dues of $100
  • * Have to be in attendance at the Boston Reunion

Term of office: 2 years

You can find description for the various positions as well as the duties at http://aachsa.org/constitution.html and http://aachsa.org/byelaws.html

AACHSA needs you!


Joke Alade
Ki Aiye Toro!

This email has been sent through Compro Online (www.chsa.net); all enquiries about the subject and content of this email should be sent to: joke2k1@yahoo.com

At the 2008 reunion in Charlotte, North Carolina, the following alumni were elected for a 2-year term.

  1. President – Mr. Oladipo Famuyiwa MBA (80)
  2. Vice President – Dr. Dayo Falashe, M.D. (71)
  3. Vice President of Conference – Mr. Bolaji Awolola (73)
  4. Administrative Director – Mr. Ade Faleti (81)
  5. Assistant Administrative Director – Dr. Joke Alade (92)
  6. Financial Director – Mr. Olumide Fadina CPA (80)
  7. Media Director* – Mr. Kola Ogunyomade (73)

*New position created during the reunion meeting.

The following alumni’s listed below were privileged to have been selected in the closely contested ballot elections, and would be serving you for the next two years.

More detailed information which would contain a brief background and picture of each executive would be provided in the AACHSA Newsletter.

  1. President – Mr. Oladipo Famuyiwa MBA (80)
  2. Vice President – Dr. Olayinka Bankole M.D. (79)
  3. Vice President of Conference – Mr. Sina Oshinuga (75)
  4. Administrative Director – Mr. Ade Faleti (81)
  5. Financial Director – Mr. Olumide Fadina CPA (80)