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AACHSA Constitution

Article I – Name:

Section 1:

The name of the organization shall be the “Alumni Association of Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro International” herein after referred to as the “Association.”

Article II – Purpose:

Section 1:

The purpose of the Association shall be:

  1. To Provide an avenue and opportunities for the coming together of the alumni of Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro, herein after referred to as Compronians, both resident in Nigeria and abroad.
  2. To Foster the spirit of cooperativeness and togetherness amongst Compronians.
  3. To Generate funds to provide scholarships, achievement awards for meritorious students, and annual awards for distinguished faculty and students of Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro. (Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro is herein after referred to as Compro.)
  4. To help Restore and maintain Compro’s infrastructure and instructional facilities./li>

Article III – Articles of Incorporation:

Section 1:

The Association shall be organized as a corporation under applicable laws.

Section 2:

The Executive Committee shall approve the location of the business office.

Section 3:

The Association shall be a non-profit corporation having no capital stock.

Section 4:

Members shall not at any time collectively or individually, locally or Internationally, attempt to represent any fraction or part of the Association for the purpose of bargaining with management as to salaries, working schedules, working conditions, pensions or any other activity normally construed as the purpose of a “labor union.”

Article IV – Membership:

Section 1:

No Member shall become vested of any right, title or interest of, in, or to any property of the Association except as provided by law. Each member shall be subject to such rules as the Executive Committee may establish. Each Member is entitled to those services and provisions as designated by the Executive Committee. Membership in the Association shall be classified as follows: voting, associate, and honorary.

Voting Member: Voting membership is limited to alumni, past and currently enrolled students, past and present faculty and staff of Compro. Any eligible alumni, past and currently enrolled students of Compro, past and present faculty and staff of Compro who completes a membership application online or by filing an application with the Association’s Administrative Director shall be a voting member. A Voting Member carries full voting privileges and is eligible to hold any office.

Associate Member: Any eligible individual who is not an alumni, a past or currently enrolled student of Compro, a past or present faculty or staff of Compro that completes a membership form shall be an associate member upon submitting a membership form with the Administrative Director. An Associate Member does not have voting privileges and is not eligible to hold any office.

Honorary Member: Any person giving outstanding service to the organization may be voted in for honorary membership by the Executive Committee. An Honorary Member carries full voting privileges and is eligible to hold any office except for the Presidency of the Association.

Section 2: Dues and Transfers

The annual dues for membership in each category shall be as fixed by the By-Laws. No Member shall be entitled to any refund of dues upon severing his/her connection with the Association.

Transfers are acceptable if the transferee qualifies.

Section 3: International Membership Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Association, which is known as the Compro Reunion, shall be held once during the fiscal year. This meeting shall be held at a place and time as designated by the Executive Committee.

A special meeting of the Members may be called by the Executive Committee or whenever fifteen percent of the voting Members request such a meeting.

The Compro Reunion shall be held for the purpose of conducting Association business and electing and/or commissioning members to the Executive Committee as set forth in the By-Laws.

A majority of the votes cast shall decide all questions before the Members unless as otherwise provided in this Constitution.

The minutes of the International Membership Meeting shall be filed with the records of the Association.

Articles V – Officers:

Section 1:

The officers of the Association shall consist of a President, a Vice President, a Vice President of Conference, an Administrative Director, a Treasurer, and such other officers as the Executive Committee may from time to time determine.

Section 2:

The President, Vice President of Conference, Administrative Director, and Treasurer shall be elected from nominees by members of the Association.

Section 3:

The President shall select his/her Vice President from Membership. The individual selected to be Vice President must be either a voting or an honorary member.

Section 4:

The election of Officers by members of the Association shall be as provided by the By-Laws.

Section 5:

To be eligible for election to these offices, the officer elect must, at the time of election, be a member of the Associations for a period of not less than 6 months.

Section 6:

The term of all newly elected Officers shall begin at the beginning of New Business of the Annual Meeting of Compro Reunion. Officers shall continue in their respective offices for two years or until their successors have been elected and have accepted their offices.

Section 7:

Officers shall take office immediately after election and shall hold office for the period for which they are elected. They are disqualified as nominees for re-election after holding offices for two consecutive terms immediately preceding the current election period.

Section 8:

The rank of Officers is President, Vice President, Vice President of Conference, Administrative Director, and Treasurer. In the event of a vacancy in any office, the Executive Committee shall appoint a member of the Association to serve the unexpired term.

Section 9:

The officers shall perform the duties legally or customarily attached to their respective offices under applicable laws and as set forth in the By-Laws and such other duties as may be required of them by the Executive Committee.

Section 10:

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee, and in the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside.

Article VI – Executive Committee:

Section 1:

The Executive Committee shall consist of the current duly elected Officers and the immediate past President.

Section 2:

Should a vacancy occur on the Executive Committee due to resignation or other causes, a qualified Member should be appointed by the Executive Committee to serve the unexpired term.

Section 3:

The Executive Committee shall have complete charge and control of the entire property and affairs of the Association and its decision in such matters shall be final.

Section 4:

The Executive Committee, and each of them, in the management of the business affairs and property of the Corporation, and in the selection, supervision, and control of its committees, and of the agents of the Association, shall exercise vigilance, diligence, and prudence in the performance of their duties.

Section 5:

A meeting of the Executive Committee will be held following the International Membership Meeting of the Association. Other meetings of the Executive Committee may be held at such times and places as the majority of the Executive Committee may decide.

Section 6:

Quorum and Voting

A majority of the Officers must be present or represented by proxy at a duly called meeting of the Executive Committee to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Any action passed by a majority of vote of the quorum of the Executive Committee shall be valid and binding upon the Association.

A majority of the votes cast, in person and by proxy, shall decide all questions before the Executive Committee unless otherwise provided in this Constitution.

Article VII – International Committees:

Section 1:

Committees: The President has full powers to appoint from Membership, Committees as may be necessary for the proper conduct of programs and business of the Association.

Article VIII – Councils:

Section 1:

The Executive Committee may authorize the organization of Councils for purposes which are in harmony with the purposes of the Association.

Section 2:

The Executive Committee may revoke the Charter of any Council that violates the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.

Article IX – Amendments

Section 1:

Constitution: The Constitution of the Association may be amended by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Members at the Compro Reunion Meeting or voting online after such proposed amendments have been considered and prepared for presentation by the Constitution and By-Laws Committee. The Membership shall be notified of any amendments. The official publication of the Association shall contain the proposed amendments in the issue preceding the voting by the Membership and shall in the issue following the voting report the decision of the Membership.

Section 2:

By-Laws: The By-Laws of the Association may be amended (with the exception of changes affecting terms of office which must be handled in the same manner as amendments to the Constitution as provided for in Section 1) by affirmative vote of not less than two thirds of the Officers present or by proxy at a regular meeting of the Executive Committee.

Any Member or Officer may propose an amendment to the By-Laws by submitting the proposed amendment to each elected Officer at least thirty (30) days before the next scheduled meeting of the Executive Committee.

Section 3:

The amendments shall take effect immediately upon notice of its adoption unless otherwise provided.

Article X – Discontinuance:

Section 1:

The Association shall not be discontinued unless recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by three-fourths of the Members voting by mail ballot or online.

Section 2:

Upon an affirmative vote for discontinuance of the Association any property which remains after the payment of the just debts due the cities, states, nation, creditors, or loans advanced by Members beyond the ordinary dues shall be assigned to the International Office of the Association for disposition by the Executive Committee.

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