August 26, 2012

To: Alumni USA
Copy: Alumni UK
Copy: Alumni Nigeria

Fellow Alumni:

On behalf of the executives of AACHSA USA National, I wish to inform you that the USA Alumni Association has on July 27 2012, completed the project to award cash prizes to the best six students in the Junior and Senior Secondary Schools of our alma-mater.

In each of the past 4 to 6 years, the USA Alumni Association had been giving cash prizes to various categories of students and teachers. The prizes were normally given during the School Valedictory Service at the end of the school year. This year, the Service did not hold due to lack of funding. The AACHSA USA National nonetheless awarded the prizes on July 27 2012, the last day of the school year in a small ceremony in each School Principal’s office. In attendance were the students, the Principal and Vice Principal. I presented the cash prize of N25,000.00 to each School Principal who in turn presented to each student as follows:

Junior Secondary School (JSS)

N7,000.00 – Best Performing Student in JSS-1: Samuel Fakorede
N8,000.00 – Best Performing Student in JSS-2: Kemi Adeleke
N10,000.00 – Best Performing Student in JSS-3: Sunday Akindele


N25,000.00 – Total JSS


Senior Secondary School (SSS)

N7,000.00 – Best Performing Student in SSS-1: Basirat Adetayo
N8,000.00 – Best Performing Student in SSS-2: Adeoye Adeniji
N10,000.00 – Best Performing Student in SSS-3: Suliat Adeyemi


N25,000.00 – Total SSS


We show image of the letter of appreciation received from both the SSS and JSS Principals with the section relating to the prize award highlighted in red color. We also share some pictures taken during the award ceremony.

Prize awards to the three best JSS students

Prize awards to the three best SSS students

The N50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand Naira, $310.56) total cost of the project was funded with money from the alumni annual dues of 2012. We thank each alumni that has paid his/her 2012 annual dues of $100.00. Please see click here to see the list of payers.

We use this opportunity to encourage alumni who have not paid this year’s annual dues of $100.00 to please do so as soon as possible before end of this year. Please click here for instructions on how to pay.


Kola Ogunyomade
President AACHSA USA National
On Behalf of USA National Executives