July 10, 2012

Fellow Alumni:

On behalf of the executives I wish to inform you that the USA Alumni Association has on June 11 2012, completed the project to provide reference books for the Senior Secondary School (SSS) Library.

For several years, the SSS did not have a proper library. What was being used as a library was a derelict room with severely outdated books. About two years ago, the ‘80 set executed a major refurbishment the room. The end result was a well painted, bright and well ventilated room that could be called a library. The ’80 set also donated two standing fans and a portable generator.

The library was in dire need of good reference books which the school asked us to provide. The books we have provided covered many subjects:

Serial No. Subject Number of Books
1. Government 17
2. Building Construction 13
3. Chemistry 9
4. Mathematics 12
5. French 10
6. Technical Drawing 3
7. Fine Arts 3
8. Computer Education 1
9. Financial Accounting 8
10. Economics 10
11. Physics 6
12. Physics Practical 1
13. Biology 6
14. Auto Mechanics 2
15. Geography 11
16. Commerce 7
17. Agric Science 9
18. Applied Electricity 4

All the books were sourced in Nigeria and two sets were delivered to the school on June 11 2012. We share with you some of the pictures that were taken during the handover ceremony at Aiyetoro together with the “Appreciation Letter” received from the SSS Principal, Mr. Sawyerr.

The total cost of the books including delivery to Aiyetoro was $2,685.08 (N422,900.10). The project was fully funded by the Alumni (Annual) Dues of 2010 carried over from the prior USA National Executives.

Thanks go to Education Committee headed by Dr. Joke Alade (’92). Under her leadership, the project was executed quickly once the list of books and pricing was finalized. Special thanks go to Mr. Olakanmi Alade who took care of the financial transactions and ensured delivery of the books to Aiyetoro.

We also thank every alumni in USA who paid their Alumni Dues of $100.00 in 2010. Good education is the best gift we can give to our younger ones. As can be seen from this project, your donation has been put to a good use.

Kola Ogunyomade
President AACHSA USA National
On Behalf of USA National Executives