Dear Fellow Compronians:


We pulled it off. Thanks to the selfless efforts of the Houston team under the leadership of Mrs. Kenny Adeyemi who went above and beyond her call of duty to make sure hings went smoothly. It was not an easy task securing the venues, given the amount of time they had to put things in place, but thank God all their efforts paid off.

In the midst of all that, we were able to tap into the expertise of an old pro in putting things together in the person of our dedicated former President, Mr. Kola Ogunyomade who was called for help in the middle of the rush. Such a gentleman and man of honor that he is, he jumped up and took the bull by the horn. He is ourmatador. Thank you Mr. Ogunyomade.

Our deep appreciation also goes to the entire Houston team. Tito Olaleye, Ayo Dada, Fakolujo, Mr. Adeyemi and others.

Of course, who can forget our “Tres Amigas de Nueve York”, (pardon me folks, I live in California and Spanish is a prerequisite for us). Toro Adeboye, Funmi Allison and Moji Obadeyi. They came to the rescue at the eleventh hour. Mucho gracias damas.

Our keynote speaker, Dr. Caxton Opere. For the older generation, his dad was the head ofour Electronics department back in the days.

Caxton is a physician, an accomplished author and a Minister. His work and dedication make us proud that he is one of us. Thank you Dr. Opere for imparting
your knowledge to us.

We also got another surprise this year in the appearance of Mr. Agunbiade (1969)set who was so glad to join us and his presence reiterated what we have all talked about and what is incumbent on all of us to do, which is try as much as possible to contact other Compronians that we know. Mr. Agunbiade expressed surprise about the existence of an alumni association. He just by coincidence became aware of the Houston event through a non-compronian.

Therefore, I implore us all, let us be our brother’s and sister’s keeper. Please reach out and touch a compronian today. Do not let us wait till the reunion time.

We talk to each other almost on a daily basis and we should use those precious times to care for each other and when reunion time come, it would be easy to invite our fellow alumni to show up. This I also borrowed from Dr. Wole Ajagbe who always stresses this at every reunion.

Once again, thanks and God’s Blessing to all those who made Houston 2015 a reality.

Now, Heave Ho!!! Let’s circle the wagons and head west to the Golden State. Mrs.Buky Oyemade, our capable and always ready V.P. and her Los Angeles team are already putting up the following stakes and off to the Pacific Coast we go and you are all welcome to come and soak up some of our pacific waters, and we’ll leave the sun up for ya!

See following tentative agenda for the 2016 Reunion at Los Angeles.

Love and Regards to all

Bidemi A. Fashola,